CSR Initiatives

CSR Initiatives: Hospital and Temple

Sundeep Bobbins supports the community of its presence through initiatives that go beyond direct indirect employment and has invested significantly through various initiatives backed by MODI FAMILY and owners of SBC. Since inception we have believed in, and are constantly striving to repay our moral debt to the society. Over the years, we have actively contributed towards society as conscious, corporate citizens. Our most significant contributions are charitable hospitals &Temples and other areas of social welfare. We have built a temple in Hapur where people from surrounding villages come to worship. Ever since our inception, we have always maintained transparent dealings with our clients and we also maintain it in our corporate social responsibilities.

Besides, we carry out lots of activities for social upliftment of the villages around our factory. We take pride in delivering to our clients a unique experience of quality, social and environmental commitment. Apart from this, we also ensure that we not only have dependable, sustainable and straight forward approach in building brand and reputation, but also help in reinforcing the community and the marketplace. We also take initiatives in maintaining periodic output and ecological cleanup standards in our corporate social policies. These accepted standards further help us in drawing the notice of environmentally alert clients while recovering our resources during manufacturing.